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The standardization of transport processes, where most part of the goods travels door to door inside containers, trucks or sealed carriages, suggests that the whole system could work without the human intervention. However this perfect mechanism often jams, a small rub is enough. When this happens the logistic chain jams or breaks. It is in this situation that the HUMAN TOUCH of experts makes the difference: the international freight forwarders.

They are: ARCHITECTS, because the transport has to be planned with care in order to be performed quickly and well, with the lowest cost possible and reaching the result required; TAILORS who realise a tailor-made product cut around their customers’ needs; CRAFTSMEN of the forwarding, because with experience and passion they succeed in offering a product that customers can’t find on the global shipping market.

Freight forwarders of Trieste port provide manufacturing and logistic companies with their knowledge and their experience, gathered in two centuries of activity on worldwide markets. Due to the geographic position of Trieste, placed at the extreme North of the Adriatic Sea, on the crossroads between the European corridor n.5 Lisbona/Kiev and the corridor Baltic/Adriatic, on the borderline between the Latin, Germanic and Slavic world, freight forwarders of Trieste port are used to have international customers, offering a European standard service, together with creativity and flexibilities typical of the Italian culture.

Many international freight forwarders are part of ASPT ASTRA F.V.G., together with the main MTO operators and specialists, who work in the logistic and portual system of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This allows a constant cooperation and optimization of the service offered from the members to their customers and correspondents.