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The first Forwarding Agents of the Port of Trieste started their activity in the early 1800s followed between the end of the XIX century and the early 1900s by the first associations of “Forwarding Companies interested in traffics in the Port of Trieste”, of which our Association today is the direct heir pursuing the same aspirations and objectives.

Dating back to 1898 is the founding of a “Consortium of Forwarding Agents interested in traffic between Trieste and Vienna”, that grouped together the most important Agents in Vienna, among which many are still active today in Austria and in Trieste. The association was indeed one of the first of its kind in Europe and the first in the Mediterranean Basin.

The activity of the Association of the Trieste Forwarding Agents practically coincides with the start of activity in the new port, the one that today is known as “Old Port” or “Old Free Area”. Our Association is the most recently founded, dating back to 9th December 1949, and it is the heir of this History, of a skilled and qualified presence that is inseparably intertwined with the history and the destiny of the Port and the Town of Trieste.

Today, with the enlargement of the European Union towards Central and Eastern European Countries, the International Forwarding Agents of the Port of Trieste can supply to production and logistic companies the experience and the knowledge that result from two centuries of activity in all the markets of the world.


If International Forwarding Agents are the main players in the world of logistics and transport, this is particularly true for the ones in the Port of Trieste, equipped with qualified and diversified structures that can also supply logistic services with considerable added value.

International Forwarding Agents were once defined “the architects of transport”.

Today, in a globalised world, the International Forwarding Agents of the Port of Trieste prefer to be called “the organizers of chaos”: they are so well organized as to be able to manage the most diverse situations and needs. Chaos is their business; it lays in the original meaning of the word: movement. Transforming movement in its forms and speed is the everyday job of the Forwarding Agents of the Port of Trieste. In other words, providing linearity and regularity to the industrial world acting as intermediaries to solve problems and inefficiencies in logistics and the external world (that consists of national and international regulations and legislation on customs, health, security, etc.), as mediators between the two systems to streamline and improve procedures.

These are the services and the high professionalism offered by the Forwarding Agents of the Port of Trieste, guaranteed by the experience of a long tradition.